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While we now take a critical view of flying itself, airplanes have lost none of their aesthetics and the fascination they exert on us.


A praise for the blur. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in "Wilhelm Meister's Wander Years" questioned the unconditional use of sharpness of vision, like through glasses: "... I see more than I should see, the sharper world does not harmonize with my inner being, and I quickly put the glasses down again when my curiosity about how this or that is supposed to be satisfied is satisfied. " Thomas Eigel seems to have followed a similar line of thought and counteracts the everyday sensory overload in his pleasantly blurred images. He looks at the world from within, no camera seems to be involved in his creations. He transforms shapes and colors into pure energy and also plays with the limits of abstraction in his photographic experiments. Horst Kloever /


Thomas Eigel’s "Travelers" series has enough symbolic power and a gigantic visual power. In a route away from that of the digital flow, but parallel in function, the containers are the vehicle that makes the dominant world real, or that every day builds the world that dominates us. There’s nothing that can’t circulate, and there’s no geographic point that can’t be reached by this metal crate inscribed with inaccessible codes and initiatory marks. José Vegar, Portuguese Writer


Colors on a rotating platter. Hypnotically and meditatively, the images are set in rotation.


Below the seemingly solid floor on which we move there is an underworld consisting of tubes, cables, shafts and the like. Only the entrances with partly cryptic inscriptions are visible to us, which give an idea of what is hidden underneath. As Martin Kippenberger suspected with his Metro-Net project, a global transport system. In this case, unfortunately, only for things.

Water from

Similar to the fruiting bodies of mushrooms, hydrants bear witness to a complex network of underground supply lines and demonstrate the progress of civilization.


thomas eigel, born in 1959, has been at home in photography for over 35 years. he first worked as an advertising photographer and then as an art director and agency owner. now he has come full circle: in his photography today, he reduces the subjects to the essentials through abstraction, whereby the subjects or scenes depicted are still recognizable or can be guessed at, and it is precisely through this reduction that their appeal develops. thomas eigel lives and works in hamburg.

Single exhibitions


Babeland / MEVOC - Hamburg, Germany


Dark Star / Landtag NRW - Düsseldorf, Germany


Fine Art Cologne / Fine Art Cologne - Cologne, Germany


Exhibition / Gallery Jan Schlütter - Cologne, Germany


Eyes Wide Open / Gallery Vero Wollmann - Stuttgart, Germany


Lisa Lounge / Crowne Plaza City Centre - Cologne, Germany


Conversion / Young Gallery - Brussels, Belgium

Group exhibitions


xponart goes x / Xpon-Art Gallery - Hamburg, Germany


Show off / Xpon-Art Gallery - Hamburg, Germany


Spirit Unlimited / International Art Circle - Hamburg, Germany


Berliner Kunstsalon / Berlin Art Salon - Berlin, Germany


Colour Summer / Young Gallery - Brussels, Belgium


thomas eigel
andreasstr.31, d-22301 hamburg

Lumas, Berlin, Germany

ArtStar, NYC, USA

Singulart, Paris, France


thomas eigel
andreasstr.31, d-22301 hamburg

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